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Pipe Repair Kits

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  • Pipe aid patch kits are high-performance solutions to repair cracked/damaged pipes.
  • Pipe aid is installed internally eliminating excavation work.
  • Leaves a permanent and watertight repair.
  • Pipe aid offers bonds to most pipe materials.
  • The system cures in the presence of water.
  • High Chemical resistance.
  • Convenient kit format.
  • Pipe repair kits are utilised in conjunction with glass matting and silicate resin
  • Pipe repair packers provide a permanent leak tight and structural fix over displaced joints and damages
  • Engineered to provide as much flexibility as possible for easy insertion
  • Large diameter flow through
  • Constructed of cord reinforced rubber with Kelar reinforced ends for increased durability.
  • Circular, oval, egg and flat bottomed
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