Channel Drain

K Pipe can offer a wide range of Channel drain products to suit all applications

Shallow channel domestic:

EasyFlow is a strong, easily-assembled system which is manufactured from recycled polypropylene Lightweight yet very strong, the system is easy to assemble and comes.

features & benefits:

  • 65mm deep channel, 80mm total depth
  • 8 knockouts per metre
  • Adaptor converts outlet to 110mm
  • Load-bearing, A15
  • 4 Way connector and end caps available
  • with a 10 year guarantee

Storm Drain Plus:

Offers a complete, easy to install system, for the drainage of surface water for domestic applications.

They feature 3 vertical outlets for flexibility, as well as horizontal entry/outlet points which can be connected to either 100mm or 110mm pipes. The complete range of accessories combines to create a full, flexible system, with features for easy installation.

features & benefits:

  • Heelguard grates as standard,
  • choice of black plastic or galvanised finishes.
  • grills conform to BS EN 1433: Class A15
  • The system can therefore be installed in pedestrian areas, on sports pitches, at swimming pools, in Suitable for pedestrian areas and where light vehicles may drive

Carpark Channel Drain

Recyfix Plus highly stable channel drain with steel edging and a range of covers to D400 loading and up to 300 mm wide, the steel edge means it is easier to use on many applications including tarmac adds to flexibility in design.

Product description:  

  • channel made of modified PP, with integrated 
  • metal profile for the grating  support, 
  • to EN 1433, with lateral and vertical connection possibility 
  • locked, with locking device, 
  • loading class A 15, C250 and D400
  • DIN EN 1433: DIN 19580/EN 1433
  • Application areas: • Facade drainage • Flat roofs, terraces and balconies • Pedestrian zones • Gardening and landscaping


Slot drainage product combines subtlety, quality that is ideal for domestic applications. The discrete channel ensures that the quality of the surrounding landscape is priority, whilst providing a vital role in protecting the landscape by transferring excess surface water.

features & benefits:
• Ideal for domestic, threshold and light vehicle areas
• Can handle a flow rate of 4.5 l/s
• 100% recycled polypropylene, so light & easy to install
• Base tested to BS EN 1433
• Positive mechanical joint between each length
• Can be installed with block paving or concrete surround

SLOT DRAIN Commercial

Recyfix Slotted is channel system heavy pedestrianised areas, walkways, stations and town halls, suitable for trafficked areas with a loading of D400

features & benefits:

  • Ideal for domestic, industrial or commercial and trafficked areas
  • Weight loading to D400
  • Easy to install with stainless steel or galvanised tops
  • Tested to BS EN 1433
  • Strengthened and slot edge
  • Can be installed with block paving or concrete surround

SLOT DRAIN Industrial:

RECYFIX®HICAP® Ideally suited for drainage and retention for the highest load areas, such as airports, industrial estates and container terminals.

  • High capacity drainage system for the highest load category
  • easy to handle and install without heavy lifting equipment
  • innovative Link Lock grating connection for easy and quick
  • straight channel alignment with integrated tongue and groove joint
  • wide range of uniform design gratings
  • configurable as ‘constant-depth’ or ‘stepped-fall’
  • high-level resistance to fuels/oils, frost, salt and UV-rays
  • temperatures ranging from minus – 50 °C to + 80 °C and more
  • gratings in spheroidal ductile iron cathodic dip ‘coated for high impact/corrosion resistance
  • high capacity and back-pressure
  • designed for superior resistance to dynamic forces and loads up to class F 900


monolithic channel* for maximum security, high hydraulic capacity through a slim channel construction which is durable and unbreakable. All plastic channel designed to accept large volumes of water and meets load class D400KN.