Ground Protection

Firmground 39 ground protection mats K Pipe
Firmground45 by Pennine stocked at K Pipe
Firmground 70 at K Pipe
Firmground Heavy Pennine K Pipe

FirmGround39 is a versatile interlocking ground protection mat which is ideal for grass and gravel infill. It has a compression strength of 200 tonnes per square meter when filled with gravel. Its specially designed to allow water to drain away whilst pockets at the base retain some water. This prevents grass from getting waterlogged or dying through lack of water.

The individual parts of the ground mats are easily clipped together to build a surface which is ideal for car parks, pedestrian areas and access roads.


 FirmGround45 can be used for similar building projects to the FirmGround39. It can however withstand a slightly greater compression and has a strength of 200 tonnes per square meter when filled.




Firmground 70 is ideal to use for carparks,acces roads and pedestrian areas. This ground protection mat can withstand a greater weight than the other mats which is up to 240 tonnes per square meter filled.




Firmground Heavy has a compressive strength of over 300 tonnes per square metre unfilled. Therefore, this ground mat can withstand fully loaded wagon loads. Ideal for construction sites and heavy traffic areas.

Which FirmGround is most suitable for your application?