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Tricel Novo waste water treatment plants are reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain for all wastewater requirements.

Features and benefits of Tricel Novo

  • Compression molded SMC tank – Has more strength and durability over standard or polyethylene tanks
  • The tanks ceramic diffuser is unique in the wastewater treatment market. It will last twice as long as standard competitors rubber equivalents
  • No concrete back-fill needed on installation, saving money and time
  •  Complies with Environment Agency general binding rules in England. Natural Resources Wales exemption criteria and SEPA requirements
  • 3 year manufactures guarantee

The plant is suitable for domestic and light commercial use. The tank uses simple effective fixed bed technology. Each Tank comprises three different independent treatment zones all fulfilling a different stage of purification.

The Tricel Novo treatment efficiencies are as follows:

BOD5 11 mg/l

SS 16 mg/l

NH4-N 8mg/l