HS Pipe

Funke HS Pipe at K Pipes drainage
HS Pipe Funke installation stocked at K Pipe
HS Pipe Bend Funke at K Pipe
HS Pipe Y Junction at K Pipe

The Funke HS adoptable system is available at K pipe, we are one of distributors within the north west region. The HS Pipe system is an alternative to traditional clay and concrete systems and is approved by many national water companies.


  • SN12 / SN16 ring stiffness, against nominal SN6/SN8 of other plastic pipes
  • Can be laid as shallow as 500mm (SN12) or 450mm (SN16) without concrete cover. Reference static calculation form
  • All pipes above 200mm are marked on inside of pipe in 3 places, good for camera inspection and accountability
  • 100 year service life
  • 110mm-800mm OD, available in 0.5/1.5/3/5m lengths.Upto 300mm plain ended, above that single socketed
  • Improved installation time due to 5m lengths
  • HA20/SLW60 Highways approval.
  • Pipe and fittings are 2.5 bar pressure tested, all fittings SDR34 rated means protection against root infiltration
  • Lowest creep factor both short and long term