Drainage Systems

HS Pipe

Funke Drainage Systems HS Pipe is an alternative to traditional clay and concrete systems and is approved by many national water companies.

VPC Flexible Pipe Coupler

Allows pipes of different material but same diameter to be connected safely. Available to fit 110mm to 2500mm diameters.  Read more here VPC Brochure

Fabekun Junction

Fabekun junction is a sewer saddle for a permanent connection to concrete and clay pipes. Click here for more information Fabekun Junction Brochure

Connex Junction

Connex Junction can connect house lines or lateral pipes to main sewer and existing pipes. Therefore quick installation and cost effectively. Read more here CONNEX-Junction


The BI-Adapter is used to connect pipes with similar internal diameters but different external diameters. See more information here  BI-Adapter

HS Demarcation chamber

The control chamber allows water companies and local authorities easy access into public and private sewer drainage networks. Read more here HS Demarcation Chamber

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